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The lifting and cleaving gate of the great sage equal to heaven



The lifting and cleaving gate of the great sage equal to heaven

as taught by 

Sifu Damon Honeycutt.

There are two major arts in Da Sheng Piqua Men. The first is the Piqua method of lifting and cleaving. It provides ranged strikes, blocks and passes as well as throws, trips and escapes. The second is the Da Sheng (Great sage aka monkey style). Da Sheng compliments the long arm Piqua Quan style by focusing on close in fighting skills. The Da Sheng arts involve striking and grappling coupled with intense body conditioning and evasive footwork. These arts combined make the system Da Sheng Piqua Men. It is governed by the martial philosophy of the Aware of Emptiness Five Element Way. 


Using the five elements of Daoist alchemy the Da Sheng Piqua Men style is provided a palate of strategies that are mental and physical in nature designed for the implementation of technique and cultivation. 

Both form and application are equally paramount in ones study of martial arts. 

Da Sheng Piqua Men is taught along with the internal practices of Daoism.

ongoing class times Wednesday 5:30 to 7:00pm






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